conveyor ktc 460

K-TC 460


Introducing the K-TC 460 Komplet conveyor – a game-changer in material handling efficiency. Engineered to meet the demands of modern industries, this conveyor system ensures seamless transportation of diverse materials with unmatched reliability and performance. The K-TC 460 Komplet conveyor is built to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty applications, boasting robust construction and advanced features. It easily handles materials, from aggregates to construction debris and recyclables, optimizing workflow efficiency. With its innovative technologies, the K-TC 460 delivers superior throughput and reliability. Adjustable speed and height settings offer operational versatility, precisely catering to diverse material handling needs. Businesses stand to benefit from the K-TC 460’s efficient operation, which translates to increased productivity and reduces labour costs. Its reliability minimizes downtime and maintenance needs, enhancing overall efficiency and profitability. The K-TC 460 Komplet conveyor is the ultimate solution for optimized material handling. Whether in construction, recycling, or waste management, its efficiency, reliability, and user-friendly design make it indispensable for businesses striving for excellence in today’s competitive landscape.

650x10,000 mm
25x393 inch
Pile height
4600 mm 181 inch
Belt type Chevron 3 ply

Up to 120 tph
1320 US tph

3,300 kg
7,000 lb

Stage V 18 kW 25 Hp Diesel
Tier 4F 18 kW 25 Hp Diesel
Stage 3A 18 kW 25 Hp Diesel


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