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At Komplet Australia, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient equipment in material processing.


We Are Committed To Providing Our Customers With Exceptional Service And Support

Our team of highly trained technicians is always available to assist you in any technical issue you may encounter with your equipment.

Quality Service

Our proficient service team specializes in Komplet components and technical procedures across all our crushers, screeners, and shredders, and is always prepared to support you. With Komplet Australia’s service provider network, your material processing equipment operates year-round without interruption.

Reliable Support

By clicking or calling Komplet technical support, you can reduce downtime and enhance productivity. When it comes to their crushing and screening equipment requirements, our clients can trust us to provide a dependable team for service and support, giving them peace of mind.

Parts Available

Regular maintenance is necessary for your Komplet mobile crusher, screener, or shredder, and wear parts will eventually need to be replaced. With our extensive parts inventory, you can trust us to have the required components in stock and deliver them to you promptly.


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