Choosing the Right Kompatto Screener: Kompatto 221 vs. KOMPATTO 104

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Are you struggling to choose between the Kompatto 104 vs. Kompatto 221 screener?

This guide explores their strengths (capacity, mobility) to help you pick the perfect machine.


Komplet offers two compelling screener options, the KOMPATTO 104 and the KOMPATTO SC 221.

Both are well-suited for small to medium-sized operators, but they excel in different areas.

This blog post will guide you through the key features of each model to help you determine which Kompatto screener best suits your project needs.

KOMPATTO 104: Powerful Performance for Diverse Applications

The KOMPATTO 104 shines as an affordable entry-level screener.

With a processing capacity of up to 250 tons per hour (tph), it tackles various materials like sand, gravel, aggregates, and recycled materials.

Its high-performance double deck screen box allows for efficient separation into different sizes.

Here are some of the KOMPATTO 104’s strengths:

Versatility: Handles a wide range of materials, making it suitable for various projects.

High Capacity: Processes up to 250 tph, ensuring efficient production.

Rapid Set-Up: Saves time on project sites with its quick setup features.

Remote Control: Enhances safety and operator experience.

Easy Transport: Fits conveniently into a 40ft container for efficient transportation.

Double Deck Screen Box: Enables precise separation of materials into multiple fractions.

KOMPATTO SC 221: Champion of Compact Mobility

The Kompatto SC 221 takes the crown for being the smallest self-propelled screening plant available.

This lightweight screener boasts a robust chassis, making it ideal for limited access areas. 

It’s perfect for processing construction and demolition debris, excavated waste, compost, asphalt, and rocks.

Here’s what makes the KOMPATTO SC 221 stand out:

Compact Design: Navigates tight spaces with ease, ideal for urban or confined job sites.

Self-Propelled: Eliminates the need for a separate towing vehicle, enhancing mobility.

Direct Feeding: Can be fed directly by excavators or backhoes, streamlining the screening process.

Three Extracting Belts: Enables efficient sorting of processed materials into different fractions.

Remote Control: Provides increased safety and operational flexibility for a single operator.

Easy Transport: Fits into a standard 20ft container for convenient transportation.

Kompatto 221 vs. KOMPATTO 104

Choosing Your Ideal Kompatto Screener

Consider these factors when deciding between the KOMPATTO 104 vs. KOMPATTO 221:

Project Type

If you require high processing capacity for various materials, the KOMPATTO 104 is a strong choice. For projects with limited space and diverse debris types, the SC 221 excels.

Material Handling

In case your project involves direct feeding from excavators or backhoes, the SC 221 simplifies the process.


If you need to navigate tight spaces or frequently move the screener between job sites, the SC 221’s self-propelled design offers an advantage.


The KOMPATTO 104 is a more affordable option, while the SC 221 offers additional features at a higher price point.

Kompatto 221 vs. KOMPATTO 104

What’s Next

Ultimately, the best Kompatto screener depends on your specific needs.  Both models offer exceptional value and functionality for small to medium-sized operators.

By carefully considering your project requirements, you can make an informed decision that ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

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